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I hope it lasts.

I really hope I don't immediately need the $$ I spent for the cheapest suitable and available PC at Wally World for more important stuff... but I simply can't go on trying to catch an open space at the library when it's open and I'm around.


Anime quiz

I saw this come up on my Friends page and had fun answering it! Insaneladybug, I confess to agreeing with some of your answers (i.e., leaving them there.)

1. My first anime: Speed Racer. I think. It was a long time ago.
2. My favorite anime: Princess Tutu.
3. The first anime character I was obsessed with: Either Duck... or the Yamato. Maybe 'impressed' is a better word.
4. My anime OTP: Hayao Miyazaki and Ikuko Ito, in a collaboration that, as far as I know, may never happen. But it would be excellent. Both are storytellers.
5. An anime I can't stand: I've only watched so many, most on recommendation from my sister (except for Speed Racer, which was before she was born, and Starblazers because she was like two. But Dad liked that one enough to get us our first color TV. I think we went and got it and ran back and hooked it up just in time to catch that afternoon's episode....) Anyway, if I don't like it I turn it off.
6. An anime I want to watch: Can't think of one offhand. --I second that; I do have some waiting.
7. An anime I never finished: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, due to work and channel issues.
8. The most recent anime I finished: Death Note, not long ago-- on tape from my sister, of course.
9. An anime I never thought of watching but fell in love with: Princess Tutu
10. My favorite genre of Anime: There's genres? (Okay, I knew that.) Haven't seen enough to have firm preferences, I guess.
11. Shonen or Shojo: No speak Japanese
12. My favorite anime character of all time: Just one?! ... (!) Alphonse Elric? Duck? The entire Tutu ensemble, including the horse? Ein? Chihiru/ Sen? The cat in Trigun?
13. An anime that I introduced to a friend: I'd love to say Princess Tutu. But I don't recall any at all... Terry Pratchett and Pete Abrams, yes, but no anime yet.
14. The anime that I am currently watching: None.
15. An anime that never gets old no matter how many times I watch it: Princess Tutu. There is a pattern here.
16. If I own any anime merchandise: A bit-- DVD's and an Alphonse Elric in armor I found at a yard sale. And a Duck key ring that sits round the neck of my Schleich phoenix/ firebird.
17. Yaoi or Yuri: Neither. (Okay, I know roughly what one of those words means.)
18. If I've ever been to an anime convention: No.
19. Who is my favorite anime voice actor: I guess I can't nominate Mel Blanc.
20. Sub or Dub? Dub, so I can listen. But I may be spoilt by some decent translations.
21. If I could have any anime character's hair style, who would it be: I like my own hair. (I'll take that answer too.)
22. Manga or Anime? Anime.
We skipped 23 and 24.
25. If any of my friends or family watches anime: My sister and one younger guy from work, but I don't recognize the ones he talks about.
26. If I listen to any anime music: Princess Tutu is a. cheating but b. my answer. This is because so much of it already existed, for any who haven't seen it.
27. If I'm following any ongoing anime series: No.
28. If I've ever been to an anime club: No.
29. If I've ever cried over an anime: Don't think so.
30. What my last anime wallpaper was: None ever. Yet.

just thinkin'

Weeks ago now I finally caught the the end of the last episode of MLP: FiM. There's quite a lot that deserved more exploration-- i.e. that each of the ponies should have been able to grow and benefit from being inserted in their opposites' roles; lessee if I can remember.... things like Rainbow Dash finding a bit of Fluttershy's compassion and empathy, Pinkie a work ethic (if I remember rightly), Applejack a bit of style sense (I like her, I've never had that either!) and so on. But at the end, I think Twilight ought to have been presented with the alicorn spell, rather than just having the Princess use it on her; so that if Twilight could perform it, she really had earned her new position-- a definite test, not a deus- ex- machina end to the season. (And I, for one, would be a little uncomfortable having my friends bow to me, even if I knew they were supposed to. I'd say so.)

But I suppose there's only so much time in half an hour.

Still, it's kind of like what someone (David Gerrold?) said about The Empire Strikes Back. Yoda should have raised Luke's X-wing out of the swamp, and then dropped it back in and said "Do that you must."


So I got sick this weekend. Cold. It sucks. But I was able to make an entry to this month's DeviantArt Club Tutu contest. I can't pass up the Bookmen, can I? Why the song suggested itself, though, I don't know; it probably snuck up on me in the wee hours at work. A bit of straaange silliness. http://moonshadowmagic.deviantart.com/art/After-the-Dastardly-Deed-396316125

My Aunt made me promise....

....to do something frivolous with her Christmas gift. I'd mentioned that the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater was putting on a production of Prokofiev's Cinderella, and she made me promise to go. (Yes, she can do that.)

I do need to get out and Do Something. I wish $$ were better, but still, she's right, I think. I haven't done anything outside a forty-five mile radius for months upon months, unless you count last week's Mandated Reporter training for 4-H. Granted, I got to roam the town of Bedford, PA for an hour or so (and that was fun; it started as a frontier outpost. I've been through it and past it and out to the Fairgrounds, but never in town.)

Anyway. My car is still a lawn ornament, until I know where the antifreeze goes or another car and some $$ come my way. So, I'm renting for the several- hour trip.

It's tomorrow night, Friday. I know where the pizza place is, where I can get a meal for $5 or so. I got a parking pass with the ticket. I hope and pray everything goes okay.

And that I remember the tickets. And my nephew's Flat Stanley, so's I can get a picture of the Pirates stadium across the river, and of the Benedum center where the ballet is. And the camera. And stuff.

But next time, I'll try to remember to say that there's just a movie I want to catch....

Wish me luck....

Annual thingy

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Especially to rhapsody14, who I know is well ahead of my time zone, and Already There.

I really need to upgrade

Post- Tropical Depression Sandy has blown over. The neighbor's leaning tree has been taken care of, so there are no obvious threats to my phone or electricity at the moment. The worst of everything was elsewhere, thank goodness; we got out of it with a mere 6 hour blackout Monday night, and a damp basement, and a new water- stain on my ceiling....

And then I find that LJ has upgraded stuff over the past few days so's I can't post anything from my home computer.




I kind of wish I didn't have to work tonight, or for the next few days, while we deal with this storm that's supposed to get so bad. Oh well. At least the snow is supposed to be elsewhere, likewise the worst of everything else.

The Pittsburgh Ballet Theater put on Giselle this weekend (note proximity to Halloween.) I couldn't go, what with $ and time and previous commitments. Sigh. I did find some clips on YouTube, but that doesn't help much... I'll get to do things again someday, I hope.

Mr. Cat

There are Many Things I have wanted to post/ vent about for some time-- wild animals (I have at least one doe and fawn visiting my property, but I think two does and three fawns), I saw a bear on the way to work. What's happening at Penn State, and my sister has worked out resin- casting and makes Zelda Rupee- like gems. Cat things, and car things, and horse things, and model horse things, and picture things, and how CUUUTE a day- old miniature donkey is (not mine.)

And You-Tube at the library. I found a clip from Alexander Nevsky-- right before the battle itself, the charge of the Teutonic Knights, a minutes- long buildup before the line hits the Russian peasant levy. As it is originally, it's good, although the soundtrack is sort of thin and tinny. But someone uploaded the clip with the original sound muted out (leaving the English subtitles, of course) and replaced by a modern recording, and what was merely tolerable becomes tremendously powerful, and a glimpse of what a medieval battle must have been like for the ordinary man on foot. And that's all in the music.

I stumbled onto that one, looking up ballet- type stuff from Romeo and Juliet. Both scores by Prokofiev.

But anyway, the dA Club_Tutu September contest is one I really couldn't pass up, so I managed to post an entry, possibly in hindsight by doing something unethical at the library (downloading the picture from my email onto their desktop.) And I totally forgot the link, but it's at Club_Tutu at deviantArt.com. I use the same name there as here.

Mr. Cat. Really. And for whatever reason, I actually could get on dA from the local library! Maybe the hint was dropped that a naughty name isn't everything.


I spoke to my sister Friday night. The evacuation order was lifted as of 8pm, and she was planning to go home today (Saturday.) No word yet on how much smoke damage or anything, but the immediate neighborhood was a mile or more from the edge of the fire, as best I could make out from the maps I found. I do thank all you'ns for prayers and best wishes; I believe they worked. Despite the damage to the area, which was horrendous, it really could have been very, very much worse. What seems to have suffered worst were homes on the outskirts, big ones on big properties and subdivisions, three hundred and forty- seven of them, with two fatalities I know of-- but not densely- populated neighborhoods with apartments and schools and so on.



Change of perspective

Real Life has been intruding, as it must. I now have a second job as a Home Helper sort-- not a nurse, but visiting help for shut- ins. I now know how to cook dippy eggs (I'll explain that if I have to!) and I am slowly learning to understand people who can no longer speak plainly. It's an adjustment; the schedule for any such job is spotty, and I might work nine or tn hours stretched over fourteen. Fortunately, they've honored my need for time to go feed the horses. The challenge is... well, due to the 12- hour shifts at the factory, I have four full daylight days every two weeks. Some of the schedulers see the rest of my time, that dominated by my primary full- time- with- benefits factory job, as "days off." (No, I can't work when I've just come off of three twelve- hour nights on my feet. I'm getting old.) Two weeks ago I got scheduled for thirteen and a half hours over a 24- hour period, and went into work still tired the next day. I'd like to limit it to eight- hour days, but they're short- handed.

And just in....

I found out about seven hours ago that my sister ("Starherd") in Colorado Springs has been evacuated. Friends helped her move some of her business stock (mostly fabric, which retains smoke odor) to Pueblo. As for the rest of her possessions... yes, we know it's Just Stuff, and she and my nephew and their cats are safe for the moment. But if the fire reaches her apartment complex, even Just Stuff will be missed and mourned and stressed over. Especially since much of it was business- related. As of three hours ago, the Waldo Canyon fire had reached Woodman Drive, just over the ridge.

Prayers are much appreciated.

And I must sleep.